• Simple instructions to try out simple Encodian actions

    Want to learn more about Flowr actions to get the most out of your subscription? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together these simple instructions so you can create an easy flow to test our simpler actions! Ready to try out Encodian Actions? Let’s get creating… Create your flow 1. Starting in your […]

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  • SharePoint Legal Records Management, Encodian Filer

    Using SharePoint for Legal Records Management

    Firstly, what is Records Management? Let’s break it down quickly.    Records – This is a document that can serve as legal evidence    Management – The process of dealing with or controlling things or people    Bring them together… Records Management systematically controls all records, regardless of media format, from their initial creation to final disposition.    It […]

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  • Digitally Sign a PDF Document with Power Automate

    We’re pleased to announce a new Power Automate action, ‘Sign PDF‘ for Encodian ‘Flowr‘, which provides the capability to digitally sign a PDF document in Power Automate with two different options. The ‘Standard‘ option uses Encodian’s ‘Adobe Approved Trust List‘ certificate. Thus, a signed document will appear as an approved signature with long-term validation enabled […]

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  • local government sharepoint records management

    7 reasons Local Governments are switching to SharePoint for records management

    Most local and regional governments have thousands of staff members working across various services and departments. So when it comes to records management, you need to make sure all your documents are accessible anywhere, anytime, especially in the age of remote working. That’s where Microsoft’s SharePoint comes in! Chances are, you already use Microsoft, but […]

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  • Insert HTML into a Word Document with Power Automate

    An ever-present question we’re seeing via our support service and from within the Microsoft Power Automate community: How can I insert HTML data into a Microsoft Word Document using Power Automate? It’s pretty simple to use our ‘Populate Word Document‘ action, and this post will provide an example of how to use this feature. If […]

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  • Populate a Word or PDF Document using Power Automate V2

    Want to know how to populate a Word or PDF document using Power Automate? Well, you’re in the right place! Back in May 2020, we posted to show how you can dynamically add data to a PDF or Word document using the following Encodian actions: Search and Replace Text Replace Text with Image Fill out […]

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