• Flowr Dedicated Plan

    Flowr: Dedicated Subscription 

    Our Dedicated plan is designed to serve the specific requirement of data never leaving a company’s Microsoft tenant. How do we do that? We install the Encodian connector (Flowr), API and services directly into your Azure Tenant, so it never leaves your infrastructure.   Many companies choose this because it alleviates any of their data privacy […]

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  • Flowr - Enterprise Subscription

    Flowr: Enterprise Subscription 

    Whether you need more actions or need to choose a specific Microsoft Azure Datacentre, an Enterprise subscription has you covered.  With up to 12,000 actions a month, you can OCR PDFs, convert Word Documents to PDFs and resize images (and so much more) to your heart’s content. But the most crucial part for many of […]

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  • Portal systems logo

    Portal Systems are our new partner!

    We want to welcome Portal Systems into the Encodian family!   We are delighted to partner with Portal Systems because of their commitment to high-quality standards, customer service and support.   Portal Systems focuses on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions based on Microsoft 365, mostly on managing commercial records and documents. As we both work solely […]

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  • How safe is my data?

    Data security is a hot topic, and we understand why! We take your data protection as seriously as we take our own, that’s why we always keep everything within Microsoft.  Being a Microsoft Partner has its perks, we solely use Microsoft Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service), which means your data never leaves a Microsoft […]

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  • ISO 27001 - celebrate

    We’re ISO 27001 certified, and we’re celebrating!

    We are delighted to announce that we have achieved our ISO 27001 certification.  So, what is ISO 27001? It’s the international standard and best practice for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), and as a document management company, information security is kind of a big deal…  Security has always mattered to Encodian, and now we not […]

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  • Merge Excel and CSV Files with Power Automate

    Merge Excel and CSV Files with Power Automate

    We’ve recently release several new capabilities for Encodian Flowr, including the new ‘Merge Excel Files‘ action. The ‘Merge Excel Files‘ flow action enables you to merge up to 1000 Microsoft Excel files (and related formats) into a single file of the selected output format. The following file formats are supported for merging: XLSX XLSB XLST […]

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