The Best Resources for Learning Power Automate

Are you green-eyed with envy after seeing the benefits of business automation? Possibly you’ve had a nudge to do more with your M365 investment? Or maybe… something in your organization has changed, leaving you to dabble with Power Automate as a necessary evil?

Whatever your reason might be, we know getting started with Power Automate can be daunting, and we’re here to help!

First of all, where to start?

Here are our top recommended FREE resources. Take a look!🚀

Blogs & Videos

Microsoft Power Platform Blog – Up to date resources from Microsoft

Encodian’s Blog– 100+ helpful guides and videos covering commonly used Power Automate flows

Training material

365trainingportal – one of the best collections of independently curated Microsoft 365 training materials

Search | Microsoft Docs – training material from Microsoft

Get started with Power Automate – Learn | Microsoft Docs – simple training exercises from Microsoft

Bring apps and automation to Microsoft Teams – e-book from Microsoft

Communities to join

Power Automate Community Blog – Power Platform Community ( – The best place to find articles, guides, information, and community news where Encodian’s very own Jay Goodison is a community champion.

Getting started – Microsoft Integrations ( – A great place for Razer’s Edge customers creating automation around their CRM

Microsoft MVPs & Influencers to follow

Microsoft MVPs – (Matthew Weston UK), (Paul Culmsee Aus), (Reza Dorrani US), (Serge Luca BE), (Sharon Sumner UK), (Todd Baginski US)

YouTube channels (Microsoft’s own channel), (Tutorial for beginners by Kevin Stratvert), (Laura Rogers), (Shane Young), (April Dunnam), (Encodian 😊)

Other resource banks – just like this one!

Microsoft Power Platform: Learning Resources | Microsoft Power Apps – A great collection put together by Microsoft directly

Every Power Automate wizard at Encodian was, at some stage, in the same position as you! (Albeit a while ago.. 👴) Ask us a question here.

Need a little extra ‘hands-on’ help?

Considering your day-to-day responsibilities, becoming a Power Automate wizard over-night is a tough ask! And once you are, you may find yourself overwhelmed with internal requests for more and more automation.

At Encodian we understand one-size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we’ve learned to be super flexible and build a bespoke service for each customer to help them complete their own personal Microsoft 365 puzzle.

Here are just a few roles we’ve taken to support our customers:

Your Helpful Hand – Draw upon support sessions in 30-minute bitesize chunks, perfect for those delivering their own automation projects, who need agile and hands-on support to execute at pace.

Mr/Mrs. WAGOLL – We show you ‘What A Good One Looks Like’ and help you take on the more challenging flows together, while supplying helpful handover sessions to boost your Power Automate independence.

The End-to-End Partner – It’s not uncommon for effective organizations to focus on their direct value-add activities, anything else is just a distraction! If that is you, then simply point us towards your desired business goals, and leave the rest to us.

Sorry we haven’t listed everything in our tool bag… We thought it might be too much to read! If you’d like to have a chat and learn more, say hi to us today. 👋

We hope you found this guide useful, as ever, please share any feedback or comments, all welcome!