• How safe is my data?

    Data security is a hot topic, and we understand why! We take your data protection as seriously as we take our own; that’s why we always keep everything within Microsoft.  Being a Microsoft Partner has its perks; we solely use Microsoft Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service), which means your data never leaves a Microsoft […]

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  • ISO 27001 - celebrate

    ISO 27001: We’re certified, and we’re celebrating!

    We are delighted to announce that we are now ISO 27001 certified.  So, what is ISO 27001? It’s the international standard and best practice for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), and as a document management company, information security is a big deal…  Security matters to Encodian, so we’re thrilled that we passed with flying colours! […]

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  • Merge Excel and CSV Files with Power Automate

    Merge Excel and CSV Files with Power Automate

    We’ve recently release several new capabilities for Encodian Flowr, including the new ‘Merge Excel Files‘ action. The ‘Merge Excel Files‘ flow action enables you to merge up to 1000 Microsoft Excel files (and related formats) into a single file of the selected output format. The following file formats are supported for merging: XLSX XLSB XLST […]

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  • Convert Visio Files in Power Automate

    Convert Visio Files in Power Automate

    We have recently released a new ‘Convert Visio’ action which provides the capability to convert Microsoft Visio file formats to the following file formats PDF, BMP, GIF, HTML, JPG, PNG, SVG, TIFF and VSDX. The supported input file formats are: VSD VSDX VSX VTX VDX VSSX VSTX VSDM VSSM VSTM The ‘Convert Visio’ action covers these […]

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  • learning power automate - where do i start

    The Best Resources for Learning Power Automate

    A set of Microsoft 365 Power Automate resources to help beginners or intermediates

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  • Power Automate Actions Slow to Error or Timeout

    Power Automate Actions Slow to Error or Timeout (Power Automate Retry Policy)

    Unfortunately (and hopefully seldomly!), an action within your Power Automate flow could produce an error. We see several posts on the community forums, our support service and general conversations with customers who report that errors take forever to return or that a Flow becomes unresponsive and “times out”. So this is for all of you […]

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