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By Ev Luna-Rose

4th August 2022

Portal Systems are our new partner!

We want to welcome Portal Systems into the Encodian family!  

We are delighted to partner with Portal Systems because of their commitment to high-quality standards, customer service and support.  

Portal Systems focuses on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions based on Microsoft 365, mostly on managing commercial records and documents. As we both work solely within M365, Portal Systems and Encodian are a great match!  

This partnership allows them to provide their clients with Flowr as part of their offering. Portal Systems were particularly interested in our OCR PDF Document action because of SharePoint’s lack of out-of-the-box functionality and thanks to us having an Azure Data Centre within Germany, Encodian is perfect for Portal Systems to offer to their customers who have detailed security needs. 

We are proud that our technology has helped many clients improve their performance with innovative tools and solutions that enhance their productivity, saving time and reducing costs related to manual processes. We believe that Encodian and Portal Systems can do more together than apart as it allows us to share both knowledge and experience as well as create additional value for their clients through an integrated approach that combines expertise from both sides. 

We are looking forward to watching our partnership grow in 2022 and beyond!